Sunday, December 30, 2007

Cups - plastic ones

I should be sleeping now, but as you'd imagine, the 13 hour time difference is throwing me off. We went out and got some chicken and bubble tea with my aunt and cousin, and now it's almost 3am.

It's amazing how a day's long flight will get you to the exact other side of the planet. Quite a long way we've come since flagellum.

On the two plane rides over, I tried to use only one plastic cup, you know, because I'm all about the re-use of all things. I failed. The flight attendant reached into the middle of my airplane tray table where I had been doing some work, and snatched it as quick and precise as a bird diving for fish.

"Hey!" I yelled, but she didn't look back. The next time she made her rounds, I made sure to tell her that she ruined all my plans of using the same cup for the trip to the East.

She said back to me, "Now there's an issue; I'll take that up with the chief!"

Anyways, someone told me this is sunrise, but it makes more sense that it's sunset somewhere over Siberia. Either way, it's real pretty.

Tomorrow is for equipment sorting and New Year celebrations.

'Til next time, for the love of recycling,



At December 30, 2007 at 12:53 PM , Anonymous Danny said...


It's good that you're still able to be so wet when you're miles above the Pacific. Tell David that I wish him well and a happy new year and all the finest cloud fibers in his morning tea.

Try to be as catlike as possible on your walk. Also, remember that it's at dusk - the quintessential transitional time - rather than in darkness that one encounters figures of the spirit world.



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