Sunday, January 27, 2008

Some statistics for your statistical pleasure

Distance Walked: 135 miles or 218 kilometers
Longest Day: 22 miles or 34 kilometers
Shortest Day: couple of spins around the monastery
Best Sleeping Spots: train tracks, waterfalls, elementary schools, fishing port
Longest Sleep: 13 hours
Best Hitchhike: Buddhist Monk
Weirdest Eat: Octopus eyes
Longest Detour: approx. 3km. of beach-walking and uphill battle in thick brush to uncertain destiny
Funniest Acronym: ROTU (pronounced Row-Two) - Realm Of The Urinatrix
Closest to Death: speeding freight train
# of Dogs that Barked at us: 1.2 billion

a standard purchase at 7-Enlighten before heading into Taroko National Park


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