Sunday, January 11, 2009

things to do before i die

My roommates and I stopped into the Trading Post last Sunday and were told they do free lunches on Sundays. Free or on a donation basis. The Trading Post is an organic market near the outskirts of town, just over a mile's walk from my home. They also serve meals there -- delicious organic meals. On a normal day (not Sunday), if you bring your own plate and utensils, you get 2 bucks off your meal. Yeah!

Today, we got there around noon and a woman was playing the fiddle. She was the music act during the meal. It was awesome. Cafeteria style meal and the cool thing was... cafeteria style dish-washing. When you're done eating, you wash your own dishes and utensils. They had a scrubbing bin, soap water bin, and a bleach water bin. I bet about a hundred folks came through that meal line. All the washing was done with, I'd guess, 10 gallons of water.

A good portion of the town is really into buying local. And today after lunch, one of my roommates and I got a tour of the local agriculture. When we finished lunch, we went over to the store and got some groceries, and then we ran into a guy that we'd played music with last night at the bar. There was an open mic, and towards the end, it just turned into some sort of "jam" session. This guy played the djembe all night.

He was dropping off the raw milk that we were searching for. So we paid for the raw milk, and the guy said he'd show us around town a little bit. He works on one of the organic farms in town, I think, and he took us to see it.

"What we're looking out for," he said, "are two sheep." They came up behind us, and the male sheep instinctively wants to buck people to protect his mate. So he bucked us each a few times -- nothing hard. It's rather playful. I think the sheep is one year old. They keep the sheep around to graze on the grass in the farm. They can also shear it when the time is right.

Mt. Lamborn and Mt. Land's End (I think that's the name) create The White Buffalo

The other farms the guy took us to were a little higher in elevation with a great view of Mt. Lamborn and the other peak right next to it that form the shape of a "white buffalo." It's what they call the formation. It's real pretty.

We met the "pioneer" of organic farming in the area. There's a possibility of us being able to garden a bit in a greenhouse -- some spinach, swiss chard, and other greens -- so we'll have some fresh, organic, Jeff's-paws-in-the-dirt greens to eat. We also saw some turkey, some more greenhouses, and some more sheep (that get milked). It was a really educational afternoon.
So anyways, I guess I can check-off on my "Things-to-do-before-I-die List" that I got bucked by a sheep. Sweet.

I can also check-off "drank raw milk."

The label "Not for human consumption" is used to bypass expensive food certifications


At February 8, 2009 at 3:33 PM , Blogger clara said...

what did the raw milk taste like jeff? i want to know!

At February 9, 2009 at 12:06 AM , Blogger Jeff said...

honestly, it didn't taste too different from whole milk. it does taste fresh though, whatever the hell fresh tastes like. i'll have to try it again. hope you're doing well, clara!


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