Monday, January 19, 2009

American History

I feel like a newborn out here... with an implanted chip of basic knowledge in my head. So I guess, maybe that makes me a toddler. I'm seeing so much that I'm not used to seeing on the East Coast.

Here are some of yesterday's photos:

On the road to West to Dominguez.

Everything is so big out here.

You can't not take a photo of train tracks.

You can't not take a photo of little berries.

Man, perspective is weird. Who decides so many streaks go across the sun in a photograph?
18mm lens just isn't wide enough to fit the entire sinuous river in the picture.

So much diversity among the rocks.

One of my roommates.

On our way out of the Dominguez area, we saw some petroglyphs. It really sucks that many have been vandalized. It appeared that people were using them as target practice. I'm learning more and more about America.